Hello Hello Hello! I’m sorry, I’m a bit late. Winters have started and I prefer to rest in my mini house underground. It was three days ago when I suddenly fell asleep while eating peanuts and trying to inhale wisdom in the filtered air of the tunnel and it is just now that I have come back to my senses. How many hours I must have snored by now?  No idea! Let it go. The good new is, I have something wonderful to help you raise the graph of happy vibes in your life and to raise your potential to Vibe Happiness. It needs no long training; no complex rulings and  no big efforts. Just stick firmly to one habit and what is that? Continue reading my impatient reader.

How can you vibe happiness?

Be clear about one thing and that is, to vibe happiness, you yourself have to be happy or at least pretend to be. I am concerned about everybody else later, about you, First! And when I say you’re my priority, I’m damn serious.

This is what a little bird told me two days ago (yes, when I was sleeping) that one major reason of why humans lack happy vibes in everyday life is an excess of ”angry man” behaviour. She said, ”They get angry at something and remain so for the next one hundred years”. When I listened to that, I started my quest to figure out whether or not the little bird was right. I observed people. Not one, not two, not three, I observed 1000 people closely and found out the little bird was absolutely right. I saw that people are living with hatreds and grudges in hearts because they’re angry at someone or something for reasons diverse. They wake up with that burden, sleep with the same, they eat with that burden in the heart, and laugh the hollow laughter with the same. They get angry on things and then don’t let them go. They feel annoyed (which is natural) on certain things and then keep thinking again and again about that, eventually becoming more and more annoyed. Eventually spoiling the whole day, the whole week and sometimes the whole of life. They miss a large part of what is called Happy Vibes. What is life if spent this way?

Learn to Let Go

As said earlier, You are the first important link to make a chain of happiness. You can vibe happiness if you learn to be happy, a major part of which lies in letting go of things that annoy you. Let them go, just let them go. Don’t be mean to think why should you forgive or forget, why should you not take revenge, why should you not complain. Just let go because letting go is what will eventually make you Happy. Your happiness will make many others happy because you will be able to vibe happiness.

Let’s take an example of how letting go can help you to be happy. Think of a husband who wakes up to go to the office. His wife serves him breakfast. As soon as he takes the first sip of tea, he pukes it out because the wife has mistakenly added salt instead of sugar. He throws the cup away, yells at her and in that anger leaves for the office. Ah! A thunderstorm is coming to the office to roll in its wrath all the employees. The man, who is, unfortunately,  a boss ( 😉 ) remains in the same bad mood for the rest of the day. He keeps yelling at the employees, can’t work properly, miss important deals due to the bad attitude and keeps on inflicting every other person who he meets with anger. The employees get insulted and then insult their juniors, puke out their anger on their wives when they return home, shout at their children and every single person who took the first blow from the boss, now begins his own new cycle.

Anger is one letter short of Danger
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Oh! The wife the wife! We forgot the poor wife who had mistakenly added salt in tea instead of sugar. She feels insulted and humiliated, then cries and tries to turn to the households but unfortunately, nothing works good. It’s the wife’s time to become a thunderstorm. The maid makes a tiny mistake and receives a bundle of warnings, the milk seller comes to receive his share from the fortune of wrath. The neighbour comes to have some gossips but returns with a hanging face because she does not get any hospitality. The poor kids get the most of it with scolding, beating and all that what angry mums can do. All these people facing a direct influence of the mum insulted in the early morning are now ready to bark at someone else. Another chain you see.

What happened man! What happened?! Just that a cup of tea had salt? What a big issue it was? If the bossy boss had let go of the mistake, realising that the wife who has been serving him for years without ever doing such a mistake deserves to be forgiven for this small mistake. If he had for a minute realised how taking a small thing that seriously will ruin his day, If he had only controlled himself, the chain of those angry men would not have formed.

Even if he incidentally got angry and yelled at the wife, had he been cooled down before reaching the office, he could have saved many from his lava.  Unfortunately, no one realised. No one tried to stop the chain. No one tried to let go. Now count, how many people in total must have been poured with that cup salty tea?  Many more than you can imagine because it was a chain. I just told you how it was a chain. I wish at least some people among them knew the importance of letting go.

Photo BeHappy.me
Photo BeHappy.me

Vibe Happiness

Why on Earth are we talking about such scary chains of anger and anguish? Well, I had to mention that example, just to make you realise that if bad attitudes become chains, so do good behaviours. Only if you control for some moments, you can make your day a good day, a happy day. Your smiling face will make many faces smile. And that is certain. Can you think of some incidents when you suddenly felt happy just because someone gave you importance or treated you in a pleasant way?  I’m sure you can remember. This might sound like an ordinary point to consider but let me make you sure, the cute little bird told me, this is the reason you mostly feel unhappy. And she is never wrong. What she says has always some weight.

What to do?

Don’t expect me to suggest to you, ”Don’t get angry”. I won’t say that. Get angry, do get angry, it’s natural but ….. control yourself! Control yourself by learning to let go of things that make you angry. Control yourself by covering the harm that you make as soon as possible. Control yourself by letting go and not thinking of the things again and again.  You can be the person having the most happy vibes in your Life and vibing the most happiness to others, if only, you master the Art of letting go. Because the time to be happy is Now!  Once this time is gone, you will realise rather regret how for petty things and petty issues, you missed your share from the fortune of happiness. Get angry but then Let go as easily as you get angry because, for me, your happiness is important. Let go of anger, and let’s have a cup of salty tea 😉


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