Let’s begin with you. How do you define the very word, success?  Unfortunately, most people follow a confused concept of Success. A person having a luxurious life, wealth, fame and name is who is largely considered as a successful person. Before delving deep into what the wrong strategies to become successful are, it is important to go clear about how can success be defined.

”Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

If you set a goal and accomplish it, no matter how small or big the deal was, you are successful! When small achievements combine, they produce bigger achievements, consequently, a successful life.

People often try to achieve their aspirations but fail to do so. They want it bad, but don’t get it, why? Is it just luck? Or there’s something called the ”wrong strategy” in the background that leads to failure.

Recall your last failure and read the points mentioned below to figure out whether or not you followed these (or any one of these) wrong strategies to reach your aspirations;

1. Inconsistency:

Success is not achieved overnight. Is is a continuous dripping of water on the stone that makes hole in it. Even the hammer strokes need to be made several times to break a rock. People fail because of the delusion of overnight success. Inserting a one-time effort is easy. Anybody can do that. Inserting a continuous effort for a relatively long period is tough and therefore most people say No to it. It is easy to wake up for one night and do loads of work, it is but hard to face sleepless nights until you find what you were searching. Consistency and hard work make success almost certain. More than 80% people start things with a Boom Boom,  get powered down after a few days, and get off the scene totally if the signs of light are not seen. What can that lead to? No outcome!

You would better now recall your last failure and try to see on your own whether or not your remained consistent all the way. And I dare say, you were following this trait; Inconsistency.

2. ”Comparison” comes in wrong strategies, yeah!

Taking inspiration is one thing, taking one’s self at a comparison with others is another thing. Inspirations provide energy for work, comparison takes that energy away. This is how;

A person pursuing his goals if keeps an eye on what someone else is doing or has done,  he loses a great portion of his stamina on jealousy (which is I would say natural), stress and disappointment. There are instances when individuals stop walking towards their goals merely because of the exhaustion caused by comparison. In such a situation giving up, the field seems more appropriate than failure.

There’s a need to fix this wrong strategy. Never comapare yourself with anyone. Every human needs to realise that he has been carved by God in a unique way, to only be compared to his own self. The possibilities of improvements remain there. That is by comparing yourself to your own self. To try to be better than before. This comparison wouldn’t leave you in despair, in fact, would encourage you to do more.

3. Shortcuts:

Shortcuts might seem to work in the beginning, the are but less likely to push you towards success. It has already been said above that success is not an overnight process.  Because the desire of ”Success” is sharp in humans,  wait seems like a difficult thing. One of the reasons of failure is that the shortcuts are preferred over the long process. Students look for quick guides to qualify exams, employees look for messy shortcuts to  get better ranks, officials use midways to get in no time what otherwise could be achieved in years. What really comes out of shortcuts? A flat failure! An apparent success may be but that too is nothing more than a delusion. Why then not look for the permanent solution of success by using proper means?  Remember, your victories are yours. Nobody can snatch them from you. The question, however, is how do you reach your goals. By spoiling your success story using shortcuts, by pulling others down to reach up or by swimming through perfectly right channels so that when you are there, you could feel, Oh yeah! I made the struggle worth memorable.

4. Pessimism:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Paulo Coelho  , The Alchemist

These remarkable words were used by Paulo Coelho in his Alchemist. Keeping this at the back of one’s mind while one is pursuing something, gives a deep sense of optimism.  Optimism is one of the most important strategies to become successful in Life.  It is often observed that people while pursuing their goals are least hopeful about the outcomes.  Sometimes, such an attitude is intentionally adopted by people. The logic given for doing so is, ”it is better to prepare the mind for failure than to face a sudden failure”.  Dangerous! The pessimistic attitude is as dangerous for success as all the above-mentioned factors combined. You need to convince yourself that negativities will push away the moments of celebrations coming towards you.  And it goes without saying that this is not limited to  the imaginations, this actually happens too. People with optimistic behaviours unlock more doors than the people with the pessimistic approach. This is because they have already accepted half the failure by thinking less of success.  Nothing pulls hard failure as much as pessimism does and therefore, it can be regarded as the most dangerous one among the strategies mentioned above.

5. Over Confidence:

While having a good self-concept is an exceptionally powerful trait, having an over-confidence is never. Difference between the two needs to be understood. A person with a good self-concept about his over-all personality and skills is confident and happy with what he has. A person with an over confident attitude lives in a fool’s paradise by assuming himself and his skills already reaching the zenith. Eventually, taking the situations and tasks lightly, not feeling the need to improve.  Many people realise and confess this mistake of having behaved over confident. No matter how easy or difficult the race is, those ready for continuously learning, continuously improving and continuously putting humble efforts take the lead.

Hufff! Done with all the five major wrong strategies? It’s your time to speak now. Do you agree or have something to add?  Go ahead! Let’s talk face to fox 😉

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  1. Good job! Your work is really inspirational and your style to convey your message is truly motivational. I’m sure, it will help many people to achieve their goals in the best way. Keep the good work up Fox!

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