Life is beautiful, there’s no denying the fact it is, but life is also quite unpredictable. It leaves you at strange harbours with least information of when it will pick you from there. And you don’t know what to do meanwhile. You all can relate to this situation in one way or the other. You all can understand well what I am referring to; the cruel phase of life where there is no option to reverse and no choice to accelerate. Interestingly, no choice to even be there where you are. You are in a place, in a situation called nowhere. People see you, they find you going normal with the usual course of life but only you know how much you are there where you are, where you appear to be. The hype of emptiness and the depth of fulfilment meet here at this phase. And when they meet, man! You are gone! You are no more existing. And what follows this phase?

No idea! Absolutely no idea what follows this phase of stillness and nimbleness combo. I wish there were words to be a little more precise about what I wanted to express. It’s probably a war only you are meant to fight and only you are meant to feel, to observe. Imagine, a situation, in which you are experiencing breath holding and soul-wrenching scenarios and yet can’t say a word to elaborate them. There’s no way you could ever do this even if you try your hardest.

We have been through this. And those who haven’t, they will, anytime soon. For some, the experience will come and go. Some will make a permanent abode at the harbour they were landed, some will catch the coming watercraft and then the some; the sacred some, the some who had experienced every tiny bit of what they were given to experience, will move towards another nowhere. The last station.

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