And so, there are people that love us, love us hysterically but want their love to be used as a modification tool. They love us but they also hate us. Oh sorry, not us but a part of us; our habits, likes, dislikes and other stuff that does not follow the path of their likeness. That’s where many people have to part ways. When the love that they claim to have for one another fails to justify the simplest of the world’s truth for them that; it is the differences we all have that make us beautiful. The differences of likes and dislikes, the differences of to do’s and not to do’s, the differences between life and lifestyle and etc. The hysterical love should also be unconditional for it to take effect. Why is that people love us but hate a part of us? Why is that those claiming of loving us do not have the patience to share us with other things that make us happy or may be happier? Why is that the one loving considers the one loved, his caught fish or trapped bird? The case, don’t you think so, should have been otherwise? Shouldn’t we set free everyone and everything we love? So that it could love us back in the freedom that it has? So that it can realise the truth of our love that did not think of trapping or hiding it. So that there are people loving one another, standing in this inapprehensible universe, with hundreds of distraction and them not getting distracted to the bittest to anything else but the one they’re connected to in the bond of love.  Why is that our insecurities do not come to an end even when we begin to love? Who can untie the tie of love when it is tied with the string your hearts had manufactured? None! Then why not simply love what we love and stop modifying those that we love?

Unconditional Love

How many people in this world would have loved madly? So many! So many that we cannot even count them. But how many actually successfully caught the train together? This time, it is easy to count.

I love birds but I don’t have them encaged. I do feed them to enjoy them chirping but for that, I don’t have to cut their feathers. They are free to eat the feed without the fear of getting captured. And guess what, they got a chance to love me back in that freedom. They go and they come back the other day. The cycle continues. If I am late, they stay there, wait for me. If I forget to feed, they probably don’t eat elsewhere. That’s love! The love with no constraints. With no conditions. With no demands for the other to change himself or fulfil our desires.

There are people that question, how to find someone’s loving you truly? There’s a simple solution to that. To know someone’s interested to love you without a note of regulations, see if he loves your not so loving side as much as your most adorable side. If you’re acceptable with whatever you are; you are loved. If modifications are sought, someone might want you to be his aquarium goldfish, his caged nightingale. Never compromise freedom for love. That too, a conditional love. Never choose an aquarium over an ocean, never choose a few feet gold cage over the vast sky. The price you have to pay for unconditional love is …. nothing. Just you, as you are.

Set free everything and everyone you love. Let them love you back in the freedom they’ll be given. And what could be an alternative of such a love? Where there are no constraints, so many distractions but yet, one choosing to love what set it free. That’s what unconditional love is.

Note: No wonder your mind will pop out the question of compromises, adjustments and whatever else is deemed necessary to maintain the real life relationships. And the set free ideology might not seem to make sense. Hold on, the rest can be understood in the coming posts. For now, what needs to be learned is; Love cannot be conditional and be still love. And that, there is no better form of love that one experiences and let the other experience under nothing but freedom. Freedom of everything, of course! 

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One thought on “To those who loved! you forgot to set free”

  1. Nice. Really nice. But as you said, questions popped up my mind and i am waiting for your next post.
    🙂 Its an interesting write btw.

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