They say the most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched or seen, they have to be felt. That’s undoubtedly true. But the opposite is true as well. The most painful things also can never be seen or touched, they rather have to be tasted with the tongue of feelings. So, Love, what about that? Does that have to fall in the genre of the most beautiful things or the most painful ones?   Maybe both! Because, as long as it is felt, if feels no better feeling exists in the world and as soon as it vanishes, it leaves nothing but piles of torments behind to bear. The more it is fascinated in the world, the equally it is disturbing at times. These three delusions, Love —- In Love — & — Being Loved are one of the most scorching feeling when the delusions wash off.

The delusion of Love

The delusion of Love, In Love and Being Loved: 

So, how many senses do we have? Five? No! Not five. There’s a 6th sense sharpest of all. The sense of feeling Love. But the interesting thing is, just like people have visual disparities and see blur, hearing disabilities and hear not well, speaking problems and stumble as a result, the sense of Love is also not same for all. Some people are too weak to feel Love, they end up mixing the emotions, confusing every next thing with Love, and some people interestingly are totally nil when the stimuli is present, is pure and perfect, they still can’t feel it. That’s where the delusions begin.

The emotion that is most misunderstood is Love itself. Someone caring for you doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you. Someone appreciating you is not a proof he loves you. Someone making undue favours does not make him your lover and so is true for someone showing abnormal attitude. That could be defined as liking and the difference between the two is the difference between the Heaven and the Earth.

No wonder why, for most people the trumpted ‘wonderful Love’ comes out to be nothing but distress. Because they had sensed the wrong thing. Just like a person with a weak eye sight often misunderstands the scene infront of him, a person with malfunctioning sense of Love would confuse semtiments with Love.  He would consequently begin to extend mountains of hopes and expectations from the other person. But those are the ones, never going to pay off. The temporary likeness confused with the mighty feeling of Love hurts because that’s nonetheless a delusion.

Loving you was never an option

And then ”in Love”, how does it really feel like? Oh! cannot be explained, elaborated and expressed. This is the same reason why people have fallen traped to feelings other than Love and confused them with it. No one has ever really described how does it feel like to be In Love. Just because someone sounds good and you like it, looks good and you admire him, acts good and you feel attracted toward him does not in any way make you his lover.  It is important to say here that the feeling of liking something or someone is in itself of sharp intensity that many people confuse it for Love. You like a certain place, a certain dress, a certain accessory, a certain thing, does that give you a feel when you see that, get that or think of that? Same is true to people you Like. Nothing odd about smiling thinking of them, feeling good talking to them and taking pleasure in their company. But Love? Oh! That’s many steps ahead. Don’t yet be deluded.

Diagnose is as  difficult as easy:

To diagnose whether or not you are in Love with a person or he with you is easy and yet difficult. When an individual himself confuses his feelings for someone, how come he would easily diagnose what the other is going through?  Explaining is difficult, a hint might be given. And the hint is,

Likeness is directly proportional while Love is not. Ever you like a person who totally abhors you?  No!

Ever you Love a person who doesn’t Love you? Yes! Likeness is mean, Love is not. Likeness has ”I” and ego, Love has not. Likeness has yourself as a priority, Love has the other person.

Delusion of Love

~~~Don’t be deluded~~~

All in your favour is to not be deluded about Love, In Love & being Loved. Let the appreciation, cares, smiles and likeness of people not set you in a delusion of being loved because once that shadow shatters, it hurts like nothing else. Also, don’t let your likeness for someone tell you that you’ve started the voyage through the ocean of Love. Because once the same sentiments are not returned, your own emotions take a swing back and forth, you will begin to doubt the truth of your feelings and your own honesty. Stand up straight. Give the light blue sky and magnificently shining sun a glance, then stare them both for long and then, look into yourself to peal off any delusions that you carry. Because the delusion of Love, In Love and being Loved are one of the hardest to understand, toughest to bear, and strongest to hold for long because after all, delusions are delusions!






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