Genius Fox recently completed her 1 trillionth social media break. And now it’s usual enough to go unfelt which is great because breaks are for peace and ease, not to create curiosity and irritation. People have asked and they wonder, so Fox is going to respond to why she often disappears from the scene without even notifying. Here you go;

Hold on! Before you assume that I am going to tell you the disadvantages of social media, let me make it clear I am not. We’re talking about taking a break from social media and not breaking the social media. In this digitalized world, this is the medium that is connecting a fox with you and a list of its advantages goes with saying. So, No! we’re not going to discuss how to live a life like the cave men. But yes! The topic for today is how this tool shouldn’t be creating a distance between You and You, between You and those around You.

Social media breaks

Take a break from social media:

Take a break because this break is going to make you. In this time of hustle and bustle, we’re too much occupied with gadgets and social media that we miss much of what lies in the real world. A wide majority of us today yearn for the olden times and how things used to be in our childhoods, apprehending not that it is in our hands to create the environment around us that we want. It might not be fully in our hands but partially, it surely is. You should take social media breaks because;

  • You can have quality time  for friends and family, for the real life people.
  • You can explore the little things around you that you otherwise ignore.
  •  The most important is that you can have time for yourself. To think about your aspirations & aims, to suggest to yourself what you should/should not be doing.
  • When you detach, you eventually learn to not make things your need and then learn to level their use.

You might think you’re not addicted to social media but the verdict of whether or not you’re addicted gets clear only when you actually detach yourself from it to prove you can live without it. And this is tough for many. Not checking social accounts for a week could be very boring and horrible for some but you have to trust me here for one thing;

Personal experiences:

Interested to know how does taking a break from social media feel like. Believe me, it’s wonderful if you know what you’re going to do in that break. It’s absolutely wonderful when you have no distractions of notifications, when no thoughts hang on your head of who commented on your post,  to whom you’ve to write a counter argument, how many likes, how many pins, how many shares, Enough with it! Take a break. Have a pause to engage the media that is inside you and around you. And I repeat it’s wonderful. It is only after taking social media breaks that one realises in what delusions he is living. What proportions of ”Life”  he is  missing, and how many he not ”Liking” who deserved to be liked.

People often tell me, we can’t manage time, we waste time, we’re doing nothing, we feel hollow. It is because you have so many distractions around, not allowing you to seriously think about the importance of Life and Time. Most of these answers are either inside you or can be obtained from a person better in experience and understanding than you but distractions! Distractions kill possibilities to grow and explore yorself.

Social media and childhood

How to take a social media break

This is not a unique suggestion of social media break with which I have come up. It has now become a proper practice among western people (mainly) that they set a week after a few months to completely go offline from social media accounts. The proper way to do is to place a notifications post on your accounts telling that you won’t be available from date to date. This is because in case, it is the first time you’re going to be inactive, people around you may get conscious to know what happened. You just wanted a silent mode of solitude and not a hodgepodge in the environment, therefore, a better way is to inform. However, if people already know your practice, you may easily cut off from distractions anytime you want.

What should you do in vacations?

Important question!

As said above, set some plans regarding what your main area of focus would be. You might fix some family time, might get involved in a charity cause, might think to do something innovative, whatever. It is important that you at least have a vague idea of what to do, or otherwise, you will be back at 2:00 am  just because you found nothing else to do. Whatever you choose is your choice, but one thing is,

Ask yourself, Am I happy with what I’m doing? Am I doing enough to do something for others and not only for myself? Am I leaving some great legacy behind to be remembered for?

If the answer to these questions or any of these questions is a No, there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed, there are distractions that have left you bewildered and yes, you need a social media break after this. See you after your break.

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