They say, ”no goals, no glory” and they say it absolutely right. The inner grandeur and splendor that are found after the fulfillment of dreams cannot be experienced if things just come your way all on their own. There are two major problems that humans face when it comes to setting up goals.

One is that people easily give up on them if they are not achieved. The second is that they stop setting any goals in life with the mere thought that failure is destined for them. These two things eventually lead to a life that is goalless, which later turn into hollowness because when there’s nothing you can aim at, you have nothing to drive you, nothing to ignite the fire of passion in you and nothing to give you the feeling of ”Eureka!!” which is felt by those who set aims and then achieve them.


It is natural to feel like giving up after failures. It is also common to stop dreaming of success under the fear of failure but the question is, What is life if it has nothing to aim at? What is this breathing called that is leading you nowhere? And what is that you’ll be proud of tomorrow? The pleasure of life is in aiming at things and then being able to reach them. A man born a millionaire and a man who becomes a billionaire have totally different flares. It is because one had it and one achieved it. In order to bring a blow of fresh air into your lifeless life, make it adventurous and memorable,  start setting goals and then patiently work on them!

If you’re the person who has stopped dreaming or easily gives up, read it carefully.

1.Quit setting goals?

Do this little experiment yourself. Find someone who has set some aims and also find someone who is just a blank person when it comes to goals and dreams. You’ll not have to work out much. Both these type of people are around us. Then analyse both of them to observe the lifelessness in the one who has nothing to achieve and the one who is passionate to have his dreams come true. And sadly, most people are blank or otherwise unclear when it comes to the question of  ”Do you have any goals?”.
Leave everybody else, let’s talk about you. What goals have you set for the next week, next month, next year or maybe next ten years? If this question leaves you in a silence for more than 30 seconds, there’s something seriously wrong that needs to be fixed.

Excuses for not being goal oriented

If your excuse is that you don’t plan because none of your planned goals are achieved, everything goes just opposite and you don’t want the heartbreak due to shattered dreams and this is how you resolved the problem; quit setting goals. A very common excuse, though! It happens. Happening every day with so many people and so many people every day are finding refuge into this kind of life where there is life. The problem, however, is that it is not setting goals that leave you in despair, it is the wrong strategies to become successful. Instead of fixing the strategies, people stop making plans, setting life goals. Do you not want to have a life memorable enough? To leave the world a better place because you were here? To tell your children and grandchildren tomorrow what your ”achievements” were? Yes! Then set goals and set them high, set them difficult, set them mad. You will then find what and adventurous life is. You might not be a goal setter but some goals must have been achieved by you till now. How did it feel like? “It felt great!”. Imagine how would you feel when you will have that feeling every day? So many people dream of adventurous life as portrayed in Hollywood movies, realising not that the actual adventurous life is right in your access. It is in your hand to make it ask adventurous as you want. Set as high goals as you can and actively work to achieve them.

2.Give up easily on goals?

But WHY?
If you thought of something, then had the courage to initiate it, then actually started it, then continued until exhausted, what does it indicate? It tells you’re a man born to win. The failure was meant to help you improve the performance from better to best. The redo was mere to fix your shortcomings so that you become closer to perfect but ….. you gave up! and stopped trying when you were just one step away.
Stop giving up on goals. Give up on this habit instead. Don’t give up instead give in and you will find a new blaze in every dawn every day. It is all about mindset. Make-up your mind to rejoice on failures with this certainty that they are leading you towards your goals. Remember that failure is the fuel that you can use either to drive you towards your dreams or to burn you in despair. Never choose the later. You need to be very sure that you are here to be a victor and not a victim.
Setting goals is important

What to do?


You’re just finished with this post. Go right away. Hold a notepad and think of what you want to achieve today, tomorrow, this week and this year. And be clear that a goal is a goal if that is what you deem important & if that is what you aspire for. So don’t compare yourself with anyone else. You need, to begin with, short time goals and then keep on expanding them. Work actively and passionately on what you plan and an improvement in lifestyle would be felt right away. Success, achievements, standing up after failures, a fire of self-improvement, a passion for achieving and  giving the best of yourself to the world.

Stop wasting your energies & your potentials to change yourself and to change the world. Stop quitting setting up goals. Remeber

Your adventures are exclusively yours. No one else would have them. Unlock them. Step#1 Set goals-Start working! 


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  1. “No Goals ,No Glory” indeed a very thought provoking topic and well enlightened by you Genius Fox! Keep it up , thumbs up

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