It’s wonderful how men are always looking out for ”another woman” when they can’t even make up with the one they already have. How many people make up happy marriages after the first marriage? Negligible percentage since the very simple formula that is supposed to apply to make up marriages is never used.  No number of marriages can then make a man happy. It’s a husbands’ post dudes, be all ears.

Stand in her shoe

To feel what she feels, to see what she sees, to think the way she thinks, it is important for a man to stand in the shoe of her wife. Hold on hold on! Nothing embarrassing in that. Trying to be more understanding, more efficient and more patient should never be embarrassing. The mistake that most husbands make is, they either underestimate the wives or overestimate them.  Marriages are not accidently happy, they’re made happy when both the partners try to see things with the other’s perspectives, stand in his/her shoe to understand the emotions of the other. No clap for you if you’re too mean to only make demands and never stand at the mighty escalation of Givers. We’re talking about giving in the relationships, not giving the pocket money you already know that, yes?

Love and marriage

When you don’t feel like making a good accommodation with your partner, it’s your time to explore ”Why?” When isn’t she loving no more ? Why too reserved to be frank? Why too old to be beautiful and why too ordinary to be special ? While you try to see things from her perspectives, you’ll eventually figure out the mistakes that you make. That’s where a process of becoming a husband begins.

A friendly husband

No wonder why a woman always seeks a woman to speak up. Men who become husbands aren’t good listeners. Are they? They’re ready to listen to the all roman romantic dialogues but as soon as the other half begins to share her worries, they prefer to be deaf or pretend to be. That hurts man! That hurts real bad. Little things make big differences. Things that apparently seem of no importance are things that destroy marriages the most. Husbands are used to of telling wives they’re over-emotional, they’re worrying needlessly,  they’re making mounts of a mole and statements like this. Although it’s true that women do take things seriously and get easily frustrated but ignoring altogether considering it their habit hurts the very bond of marriage. First, husbands stop listening to them and then they start overlooking what they say. No matter how much you try to tell them what you want them to wear, look like, behave or whatever, no cares now. Because you didn’t care too.  How often do husbands really sit down to listen to the wives? Once in a blue moon. Marriages don’t work out when both or any of the partner feels like ending up with someone whose presence and absence are the same.  When your attentive ear is not there, they find someone else to speak to, their mothers, friends, siblings whosoever but not you.  What a terrible situation it is to have someone and still not have him!

Husbands and marriage issues

Focus of liking, husbands!

What an interesting but wrong insight! Many times, husbands begin to tell their wives (rather warn) of a divorce or a second marriage in order to  want them to change as per they want. Isn’t it amazing? Why would a woman change for a man who’s already telling her she’s unworthy enough to be left out as an old piece of cloth? Too ordinary to be kept in life and too irritating to spend the rest of his life with. Women who change themselves on such warnings are women who are mothers. They change for the better of their children and therefore keep up with the bond of marriage. Their change isn’t and shouldn’t be taken as a man’s victory.

Remember! Never ever expect a woman to be the same with you once you manly declare the presence of expected entry of ”another”. Why would a woman be interested in blowing an already inflated and burst up the balloon? And when a husband’s focus is already diverged enough why then to complain of the unhappiness in marriage?

The key is, As long as the only wife is the only focus, miracles can happen in a marriage. No matter how torn up the relationship is, it can be turned into an ideal one but for that, constant focus is required. Stop comparing your wives with every next lady and begin focusing on them as your only choice and only Love. A woman when she finds a genuine expressing love  can do anything for you, become anything for you. Hold on a minute;

If your definition of expressive love is being locked in a room, you need to add up to this definition. Expressing love isn’t just intimacy. It’s appreciation and recognition too. Appreciation of whatever they do and whatever belong to them. Appreciating the food they make, they dress they wear, the lipstick they use, the household they manage. How often do thank women for doing so much for them?

Speak up

Yes, I’ve been reading your mind while you were reading the post. So Genius Fox is favouring women since she seems a woman too? We’ll be speaking about that too soon. First, let’s complete the most important point. Speaking up!

Photo Source: Lifehack
Photo Source: Lifehack

Incredible damage is when the partners stop speaking about the issues. When they do, they do it argumentatively, unrespectfully and in abrupt anger. And that’s very terrible. Being a husband (a real one) you should never stop speaking up about the things that you’re concerned about. Although there’s  the influence of the wrong marriage suppositions too, there must be things you don’t like about your wife, behaviours that you want her to change or the silent complaints that you have. They won’t get solved by keeping this silence. Break the ice. Speak up! Arrange a healthy environment where you’d sit with her to tell her what you want, what attracts you that you want to see in her. The problem is, the husbands, as well as the wives don’t discuss properly what needs to be discussed and the problems grow, the relationship weakens.

Enough for now? Let’s set a challenge. Try any of these 3 things and you’ll find an astonishing change in your relationship within a few weeks.

For now, go find a wonderful gift for the one you once spent hundreds of  joyful moments with. Let’s give a surprise.

May you have a wonderful married life.


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