About Genius Fox

Hello, World! Finally, Genius Fox speaking.

I know that many of you who will stop at The Genius Fox website randomly, accidently or intentionally will surely wonder about the identity of the person sitting behind the mask of Fox. I am saddened, however, to announce that the Genius Fox will not really show up. As you might already have read somewhere on the website that she had left her community of foxes and has come to the circle of humans to help them learn the secret codes of Life. And why did she do that?

What is the goal of Genius Fox?

I think life is not mere breathing. Even we animals breath.  Eating, drinking, sleeping and then dying to rest in the last abode is not Life.  Breathing does indicate that there’s life, it is itself, not Life. As humans, you have your behaviours to make, relations to maintain and most importantly a legacy to leave behind. With this hodgepodge life that many of you are living, with these goalless moves in which you yourself don’t know where are you heading, with so many things as burden on heart, mind and soul & with a zero understanding of what legacy were you born to create and leave behind,; do you think this ”whatever” that you’re living deserves to be called a Life? I would say, No! And sadly, people who would teach these things are mostly gone. They are so rare that even if someday you realise the wrongs in Life & plan to fix them, the mentors, the consolers, the people with kind smiles that you yearn to find are not found, and Life goes on! With all those burdens.



What does the site contain?

But no more! It’s time to put off all the burdens. Your granny, your mentor, counsellor, consoler is now, here to be here whenever you may feel the need. Genius Fox blog will be consisting of all those golden rules that I have recorded as an outcome of my long long long Life, lessons from the lives of great humans (no, not foxes) and the tested methodologies that let humans live that life they always feel awesome about.  From relationship secrets to the art to communication, from making up a personality to the golden rules of success, from exploring yourself to uncovering your natural instincts, you will find everything in this handbook; The Genius Fox.

How will it work for you?

If you’re seriously looking forward to improving yourself & learn the Art of Living from Genius Fox, it is necessary to remain in touch with your Granny, Me! Or at least pay a once a week visit to see what new is there to learn and implement. The best option is to Subscribe to the newsletters to that every time a post is made, a notification is sent to you.

Can I contact Genius Fox? 

Absolutely Yes! She’s here to help you. You can connect anytime via comments to share any of your problems or to seek help, can email her, or can catch her on the social media accounts. Your activity is more than welcome. She needs to make sure that at least a little group learns the Art of Living so that they may live to the fullest. Here and Hereafter!

Bon Voyage dear friends! Stay connected! Work on yourself & master the art of living.


Genius Fox




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